AWS Certified Security - Specialty

Advanced 609(5 Ratings)
What will you learn?
  • Will prepared to give AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam
  • Understand of data encryption methods and AWS mechanisms to implement them
  • Working knowledge of AWS security services and features of services to provide a secure production environment
  • An understanding of security operations and risk

Live training
  • A minimum of 5 years of IT security experience, designing and implementing security solutions
  • At least 2 years of hands-on experience securing AWS workloads
The 3 Days course will give a detailed overview of used AWS security services to remain secure in the AWS Cloud. During the course you will find out about AWS recommended security practices, security highlights of AWS key administrations including compute, storage, networking, and database services.

Module 1: Incident Response

In the beginning of the module you'll learn about an AWS abuse notice, evaluate the suspected compromised instance or exposed access keys, then learn how to verify that the Incident response plan includes relevant AWS services. Lastly, Evaluate the configuration of automated alerting and, execute possible remediation of security-related.

Module 2: Logging and Monitoring

This module is about Logging and Monitoring includes Design and implement security monitoring and alerting, Troubleshoot security monitoring and alerting, design and implement a logging solution and, Troubleshoot logging solutions.

Module 3: Infrastructure Security

In this module we will discuss about Infrastructure Security which cover Designing edge security on AWS, design and implement a secure network infrastructure. Then learn how to troubleshoot a secure network infrastructure and Design and implement host-based security.

Module 4: Identity and Access Management

In this module you'll learn about Design and implement a scalable authorization and authentication system to access AWS resources. Lastly, Troubleshoot an authorization and authentication system to access AWS resources.

Module 5: Data Protection

This module concludes Designing and implementing key management and use, troubleshoot key management. Finally, Design and implement a data encryption solution for data at rest and data in transit.
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