AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional

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What will you learn?
  • Will prepared for the AWS Solutions Architect - Professional certification
  • Design and deploy dynamically scalable, highly available, fault-tolerant, and reliable applications on AWS
  • Design and deploy enterprise-wide scalable operations on AWS
  • Migrate complex, multi-tier applications on AWS

Live training
  • Two or more years of hands-on experience designing and deploying cloud architecture on AWS
  • Familiarity with AWS CLI, AWS APIs, AWS CloudFormation templates, the AWS Billing Console, and the AWS Management Console
This 3 Days course is specifically designed for the aspirants who expect to give the "AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional" level certification just as for the individuals who plan to increase further understanding related to AWS.

Module 1: Design for Organizational Complexity

This module will begin with understand how to Determine cross-account authentication and access strategy for complex organizations, how to design networks for complex organizations. Finally, learn how to design a multi-account AWS environment for complex organizations.

Module 2: Design for New Solutions

This module contains how to determine security requirements and controls when designing and implementing a solution, solution design and implementation strategy to meet reliability requirements, solution design to ensure business continuity, a solution design to meet performance objectives. Finally, learn about deployment strategy to meet business requirements when designing and implementing a solution.

Module 3: Migration Planning

In this module learn to select existing workloads and processes for potential migration to the cloud, migration tools and/or services for new and migrated solutions based on detailed AWS knowledge, new cloud architecture for an existing solution, a strategy for migrating existing on-premises workloads to the cloud.

Module 4: Cost Control

This module covers how to select a cost-effective pricing model for a solution, determine which controls to design and implement that will ensure cost optimization and, Identify opportunities to reduce cost in an existing solution.

Module 5: Continuous Improvement for Existing Solutions

At the conclusion of the training course troubleshoot solution architectures, determine a strategy to improve an existing solution for operational excellence, determine a strategy to improve the reliability of an existing solution, determine a strategy to improve the performance of an existing solution, determine a strategy to improve the security of an existing solution. Finally, Determine how to improve the deployment of an existing solution.

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