Azure for the Data Engineer

A Part of AZURE DP - 200.

Intermediate 5(2 Ratings)
What will you learn?
  • Selecting the appropriate Azure data service for your specific business needs
  • Implementing relational, non-relational, hybrid, and data warehouse solutions in Microsoft Azure
  • Deploying storage solutions in Microsoft Azure
  • Managing and monitoring Azure data services
  • Implementing and deploying data processing solutions in Microsoft Azure

Live training
  • Date : June 19, 2021
  • Time (GMT) : 14:00:00
  • Time (EST) : 09:00:00
  • Duration : 120 Minutes
  • Creating cloud resources in Microsoft Azure.
  • Identifying use cases for big data.
  • Understanding how cloud compute services can solve for common business needs.

This Lesson is a part of Azure DP - 200. In this, you will study about how the world of data has evolved and how cloud data platform technologies are providing new opportunities for businesses to explore their data in different ways. You will gain an overview of the various data platform technologies that are available and how a Data Engineer's role and responsibilities has evolved to work in this new world to an organization's benefit.


Azure for the Data Engineer

  • Explain the evolving world of data.
  • Survey the services in the Azure Data Platform.
  • Identify the tasks that are performed by a Data Engineer.
  • Describe the use cases for the cloud in a Case Study.

Demo: Azure for the Data Engineer

  • Identify the evolving world of data.
  • Determine the Azure Data Platform Services.
  • Identify tasks to be performed by a Data Engineer.
  • Finalize the data engineering deliverables.


  • Implement data storage solutions.
  • Manage and develop data processing.
  • Monitor and optimize data solutions.
  • Design Azure data storage solutions.
  • Design data processing solutions.
  • Design for data security and compliance.

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