Managing Security in Google Cloud Platform

Intermediate 601(5 Ratings)
What will you learn?
  • Components of a Secure GCP Solution
  • Cloud Identity
  • GCP Resource Manager
  • Cloud IAM, Google Virtual Private Cloud firewalls

Live training
  • Prior completion of Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure or equivalent experience
  • Basic proficiency with command-line tools and Linux operating system environments

In this 4 Days training candidates will explore and deploy the components of a secure GCP solution, including Cloud Identity, the GCP Resource Manager, Cloud IAM, Google Virtual Private Cloud firewalls, Google Cloud Load balancing, Cloud CDN, Cloud Storage access control technologies, Stackdriver, Security Keys, Customer-Supplied Encryption Keys, the Google Data Loss Prevention API, and Cloud Armor. 

Module 1: Foundations of GCP Security

In this module we will start learning Google Cloud's Approach to Security. Learn about VPC Network Security and Monitoring, Google Cloud's Shared Security Model. Learn how Threats Mitigated by Google and Google Cloud. Finally, Learn about Access Transparency and Access Approval.

Module 2: Cloud Identity

This module gives a overview of Cloud Identity, Google Admin Console, Syncing with Microsoft Active Directory. Learn how to use Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory, how to Choose between Google authentication and SAML-based SSO. Learn how to Manage GCP Permissions and Groups.

Lab: Defining Users with Cloud Identity Console

Module 3: Identity and Access Management (IAM)

In this learn all about Identity and Access Management which includes learning about Overview GCP Resource Manager, GCP Resource Manager Objects, GCP Resource Manager Accounts. In this module learn about IAM Labels, IAM Roles, IAM Policies, IAM Recommender, IAM Troubleshooter, IAM Audit Logs.

Lab: Configuring IAM and Custom Roles

Module 4: VPCs for Isolation and Security

At the concluding of the course we will discuss VPC related security concepts including: VPC firewalls, load balancing SSL policies, network Interconnect & peering options, VPC network best practices and VPC flow logs.

Lab: Configuring VPC Firewalls

Lab: Using and Viewing VPC Flow Logs in Cloud Logging

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