MS-201: Implementing a Hybrid and Secure Messaging Platform

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What will you learn?
  • Performing Mailbox Migrations
  • Planning a Hybrid Environment
  • Managing Message Hygiene
  • Deploying and Troubleshooting a Hybrid Environment

Live training
  • Messaging Administrator should have a working knowledge of authentication types, licensing, and integration with Microsoft 365 applications.

This 4 Days MS-201 Messaging course examines the key elements of Microsoft 365 messaging administration, including message transport and mail flow, messaging security, hygiene, and compliance, messaging infrastructure, and hybrid messaging.

Plan and implement a hybrid configuration and migration:-

Module 1: Plan a hybrid environment

In starting the course we will evaluate federation in hybrid coexistence, evaluate hybrid free/busy access, then we will learn to decide between Exchange Classic Hybrid and Exchange Modern Hybrid.

Module 2: Deploy a hybrid environment

As we have already learnt to plan a hybrid environment in Module 1, In module 2 we will learn about deploying the Hybrid Environment such as deploy and verify OAuth for a hybrid deployment, install and configure Edge server role, configure hybrid mail flow, configure federation in hybrid coexistence along with configuring Organization Configuration Transfer (OCT). Then we will cover deployement the Exchange Hybrid Agent to one or more Exchange servers. In the conclusion we will implement advanced hybrid functionality, including On-premises, OneDrive access, and

  • Lab : Hybrid Deployment and Management
  • Lab : Perform a mail box migration to Microsoft 365
  • Lab : Manage hybrid scenario
Outlook mobile support:-

Module 3: Plan and implement migration

Now in the current module we will manage to learn mailbox migration request batches, troubleshoot mailbox migration, evaluate migration types and, at last configure migration endpoints in Microsoft 365. 

Module 4: Manage public folders

In the Module Manage Public folders we learn how troubleshoot public folder coexistence then moving the  content between public folder mailboxes. After that we will create additional public folder mailboxes and at the conclusion we will implement public folder Top Level Hierarchy (TLH).

Secure the messaging environment:-

Module 5: Manage role-based permissions

In this module learn how to manage role groups then assigning user accounts to admin roles. Learn to manage user roles and manage a delegated Role-based Access Control (RBAC) setup. Plan RBAC roles for eDiscovery. 

Module 6: Manage message hygiene

This module will cover plan for message hygiene, manage connection filters, configure malware filters, configure spam filters, monitor action center, monitor quarantined items, manage protection for phishing and, then plan and configure Spam Confidence Levels (SCL).

Module 7: Manage Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for messaging

Know about configuring and managing ATP safe attachments then learn how configure and manage ATP safe links, ATP anti-phishing, ATP anti-spam. Learn to monitor Threat Protection Status.

Module 8: Manage compliance

In this module learn to configure retention policies, configure data loss prevention policies. Then review and analyze audit logs. Further we will learn manage content search and manage litigation hold.

  • Lab : Manage Message Hygiene
  • Lab : Manage message hygiene in a non premises solution
  • Lab : Manage message hygiene in a cloud solution
  • Lab : Manage message hygiene in a hybrid solution
Manage organizational settings:-

Module 9: Configure organizational settings

As going with the course we will reach at learning how to configure sharing, workload management and manage email address policies.

Module 10: Plan address lists

Then we will end this course by explaining how to manage Global Address List (GAL), Offline Address Book (OAB) along with managing address book policies.

  • Lab : Public Folder Management and Disaster Recovery
  • Lab : Troubleshooting Mail Flow and Connectivity Issues
  • Lab : Disaster recovery using eDiscovery and In-place Holds
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