Orchestrating Data Movement with Azure Data Factory

A Part of Azure DP –200.

Intermediate 4(1 Ratings)
What will you learn?
  • Setup Azure Data Factory
  • Ingest data using the Copy Activity
  • Use the Mapping Data Flow task to perform transformation
  • Perform transformations using a compute resource

Live training
  • Date : July 23, 2021
  • Time (GMT) : 14:00:00
  • Time (EST) : 09:00:00
  • Duration : 120 Minutes
  • Student should be able to Log into the Azure portal.
  • Student should be able to Explain and create resource groups.
  • Student should be able to Describe Azure Data Factory and its core components.
  • Student should be able to Ingest data into Azure Data Factory using the Copy Activity.

This lesson is a part of Azure DP –200. you will learn how Azure Data Factory can orchestrate large scale data movement by using other Azure Data Platform and Machine Learning technologies.


Orchestrating Data Movement with Azure Data Factory

  • Introduction.
  • Understand data factory control flow.
  • Work with data factory pipelines.
  • Debug data factory pipelines.
  • Add parameters to data factory components.
  • Execute data factory packages.
  • Knowledge check.


  • You will be able to explain the capabilities of the technology and be able to set up an end-to-end data pipeline.
  • By which you will learn to ingest data from SQL Database and load the data into SQL Data Warehouse.
  • You will also demonstrate how to call a compute resource.

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