Post-Installation Configuration and Personalization

A Part of MD -100

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What will you learn?
  • Configuring data access and protection
  • Deploying Windows 10
  • Managing local users, groups, and devices
  • Managing Apps in Windows 10
  • Configuring Authorization & Authentication
  • Troubleshooting the Windows OS
  • Use the Windows control panel and setting app to configure settings

Live training
  • Date : March 11, 2021
  • Time (GMT) : 14:00:00
  • Time (EST) : 09:00:00
  • Duration : 120 Minutes
  • Understanding with recent version of Windows
  • Some experience with the command prompt
  • Basic understanding of OS and Application concepts

This Lesson is a part of MD-100. In this, you will study about common post-installation tasks in Windows 10. You will study about how to customize the user interface, as well as using the control panel and settings app to configure common OS settings. This session also introduces Windows PowerShell, how device drivers work and how they work. You will also be introduced to managing and configuring hardware peripherals such as printers.


Post-Installation Configuration and Personalization

  • Configure and Customize the Windows Start Menu
  • Common Configuration Options
  • Advanced Configuration Methods
  • Managing Drivers and Devices

Demo: Post-installation Configuration and Personalization

  • Using Settings App & Control Panel
  • Using Group Policy Objects
  • Using PowerShell to Configure Windows
  • Managing local and network printers


  • Customize the Windows 10 UI
  • Configure device specific settings such as power plans and mobile device options
  • Use the Windows control panel and setting app to configure settings
  • Perform tasks using Windows PowerShell
  • Explain concepts related to drivers
  • Explain printer management concepts
  • Configure client-side printing and managing print server properties

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