Frequently asked question(FAQs)
At Edukayshun every course that you opt to choose from comes in-hand with a course completion certificate guarantee. All in a few steps - Login with your account and choose the course you want to learn, learn with our course and follow the criteria, after the course completion you will be rewarded with the course completion certificate.
Yes, why not! At Edukayshun you are offered with a lesson-based approach, that makes your learning and application easier than you can ever think. You can learn both Azure and AWS courses only if you find it convenient to learn altogether. As we recommend you to learn with patience while completing a course by course.
We have made every process easy and advanced for our students to save up the time and learn the basics they need to. So, for that Edukayshun Live Lessons are hosted as per the schedule and offered to you with a renowned trainer. The only step you have to take is to sign-in and buy the course you want to learn.
We make our live lessons more interactive and understanding for the students to learn at our best practices. In each Edukayshun Live Lesson, we host our live classes with our profound expert trainers, who will answer your every query and respond accordingly to provide you with accurate information about the course.
We offer courses that are précised and brief when it comes to learning at tips, we have the content that comprises of facts and information that breaks down your big courses into chunks. With Edukayshun you get every course in the form of lessons, where each lesson comprises of one topic that is with easy-to-learn presentations.
At each of the Edukayshun's Live Lesson you learn with our experienced cloud-computing trainer, who have the certifications and knowledge of every topic you will put forward for them. The difference we create in the market is by offering you the live classes with the option to interact with our trainer and get absolute learnings through hands-on experience personnel.
As cloud computing has revolutionized, the same way we have changed the way companies used to deliver online education. Now, we have made online education more participatory, as we offer the choice to learn as per your convenience. You can learn right now with the help of our well-versed and competent video lessons, while you can also opt for live classes to learn with our expert trainers.
We ensure that every time a student uses our service, we provide them a life-lasting learning experience. As we make our courses more efficient and effective with the help of our qualified trainers and the content, they've provided us. So, you get life-time ownership of the course and the content you've purchased from our platform. It's never too late when you learn with us!
We are the prime service provider of cloud-computing courses in which we offer different types of courses related to AWS, Azure, GCP, and Microsoft. These courses make you certified in different cloud web services that have been becoming the priority of any organization handling IT infrastructure and services
In a few and easy steps you can create your account on the Edukayshun platform and start learning cloud-computing courses. For that, you just have to sign up on our platform using your credentials and purchase the course you want to study for future career aspects. As our courses are well-defined and structured to provide high-quality education content to our students.